Revolutionizing Coil Steel

Our Unique Advantages

Revolutionary Functionality

We’ve eliminated the performance trade-offs current alloys force users to make. By tailoring surface properties independently of bulk properties, our alloys achieve functionality that could not be previously imagined.


Designed Performance

We design our products to meet the industry’s biggest design challenges. This level of performance is only achieved with Arcanum Alloys breakthrough technology.

Versatile Manufacturing

We are transforming the way steel is made. Arcanum Alloys platform technology combines our unique science with existing steel production to create a wide array of valuable new alloys.


Our Revolutionary Process

SODATM: Spatially Optimized Diffusion Alloys

“Traditionally, steel received its alloying elements before being converted to steel coils. These coils are then annealed (heat-treated) to improve the formability before receiving a final coating. Our patented process is a switch of two crucial steps. We start with coils of low carbon steel. Before annealing, the coils are coated with a slurry containing the alloying element(s). The slurry is applied by passing the coil through a standard roll coating process. After coating, the coil is annealed in standard annealing bases to alloy the low carbon steel with the elements needed to provide specific functionalities.

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Our Revolutionary Process
Our Revolutionary Process

Featured Applications


Electrical Steel

Custom Alloys




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