Our Story

Our Story

Arcanum Alloys has developed platform technology to drive revolutionary performance and margins in numerous metal alloy markets.  We are currently scaling our process for production.

Our breakthrough technology combines state of the art vapor deposition techniques with standard steel production processes to decouple surface properties from the bulk properties of metals. This technology enables higher performance and improved economics versus traditional alloys. Our first products will transform the stainless steel industry, particularly in applications where forming operations are required or beneficial.

We will accomplish full scale production with small modifications to existing assets in the steel industry. We have proven our technology in batch form at square meter scale in our laboratory and fully-processed 54” wide coils using conventional continuous steel processing equipment. Large manufacturing customers in the home appliance, commercial kitchen and architectural industries have validated our products.

Core Values

  • Every team member is an owner of Arcanum Alloys.  We always act in Arcanum’s best interest. This extends to doing what is best for investors, customers, and suppliers.

    We trust our employees.  We only employ individuals we can place our full trust in.  This goes for everything we do.  If someone is not acting in Arcanum’s best interest, it is everyones responsibility to speak up.

  • Build the best team possible.  We attract, select, and retain only the best people for positions on our team.

    Open and honest communication at all times.  We provide praise where it is due, and honesty when needed.

    Vigorously debate ideas, but focus on the merit, not on the source of the argument.

    Encourage innovative thinking by all employees, but decide and act by consensus. Only by doing this do we get everyone on the team pulling on the rope in the same direction.

    Focus on outcome, not effort.  We believe that working smarter is better than working harder.

  • We are a team on and off the field.  We encourage team building at work and outside of work.

    Have fun.  We love what we do and empower creativity to make the work environment enjoyable for everyone.

    Celebrate wins.  We absolutely celebrate the victories.

  • Everyone goes home at the end of the day. We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset; as such we are committed to a rigorous, vibrant safety plan.  We do not tolerate unsafe behavior or practices.  It is the responsibility of each employee to speak up if you see something unsafe.  You should never, ever do something you feel is unsafe, even if you’ve been directed to.  Everyone is a safety officer.

    Protect the environment.  We recognize that our families live in the world in which we work and make our products.  We also recognize that the work that we do can have an impact on the environment.  We are committed to doing everything in our power to protect the environment and leave no trace.