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Our Products

Optiform® stainless steel

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Formable
  • Indistinguishable Look
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  • World Class Core Loss
  • Superior Permeability
  • High Magnetic Induction
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Damping Steel

Our titanium-rich alloy significantly reduces re-radiated noise and has exceptional damping even at high frequencies. Used primarily in the automotive industry, damping steel is now becoming more prevalent in appliance manufacturing. The stainless steel substrate provides excellent corrosion resistance while still being extremely formable. Our damping steel can be produced without gauge limitation and provides the same damping performance independent of temperature.

  • Solid State Damping
  • High Frequency Damping
  • Formable
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High-Alloy Foils

Where it is typically impossible or exceedingly difficult to roll high-alloyed steels to foils, Arcanum Alloys’ SODA process can produce foils and light-gauge strip in a wide variety of compositions. These compositions enable excellent performance in high-temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, low contact resistance, and formability.

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Low Contact Resistance
  • Formable
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New Product Development

We are currently exploring the full extent of what our process can achieve and seeking partners to validate our product’s performance. SODA works with all major alloying elements and can produce superior alloys for almost any industry. Our process works within the existing infrastructure with no need for specialized equipment. Interested in what our process can do for you? We’d love to take on a new challenge and develop a product specifically for your needs.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

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