We Don’t Make Your Steel, We Make Your Steel Better!

  • Traditionally when alloys are made, the alloying element is “mixed” with molten steel. This leads to the surface and bulk properties of the alloy being intrinsically coupled; your steel may be more corrosion resistant, but it is also less formable. Our process allows us to decouple surface properties from bulk properties, keeping corrosion resistance and formability.

  • The Arcanum process is a switch of just two steps. Traditionally, steel coils are annealed (heat treated) to improve formability and then given a final coating. In the Arcanum process, the coils are first coated in a slurry containing an alloy element (Cr, Si) and then annealed. When the slurry is heated up, the alloy element present becomes a vapor and diffuses into the surface of the coils, becoming metallurgically bonded.

  • Click on the blue boxes to learn more about our process

    Click on the blue boxes to learn more about our process

    Our process starts with an existing coil of low carbon steel.

    The steel is passed through roll-coaters that apply a slurry containing an alloying element (ex. Cr, Si).

    The coil is then thermally treated, and as it heats up, the alloying element (Chrome) is diffused into the surface of the steel coil via vapor transport. Note that the size of the Fe base does not change—the alloying element diffuses in, and the final product is not a coating, but a true alloy.

    After the alloying element is diffused into the coil, the slurry waste product can be cleaned off.

    We end up with a finished coil of stainless steel, with Cr diffused into the surface to prevent corrosion while the bulk maintains the formability of Fe.

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