Bull Moose Tube launches HydroLogic™ high-flow sprinkler tube using Arcanum Alloys’ Optiform®

05.26.19 | Whitepaper

Bull Moose Tube launches

May 26, 2019 | Bull Moose® Tube, a Caparo Bull Moose® company based in St. Louis, Missouri, has launched its latest innovation in fire sprinkler tubing, HydroLogic™, using Arcanum Alloys’ Optiform®. Optiform’s revolutionary material properties allow Bull Moose to produce corrosion resistant electrical resistance welded (ERW) tubing on production lines tooled to produce ERW tubing from carbon steel and hot-dip galvanized steel.

The HydroLogic data sheet and white-papers can be found here.

In traditional carbon steel and galvanized steel sprinkler tubing used in fire suppression systems, corrosion forms due to the presence of oxygen, water, and low concentrations of chloride. This corrosion product reduces traditional flow rates (technically it reduces the flow coefficient, or C-factor, the variable that when pipe diameters, pressures, and fluid media are held constant, determines fluid transfer through pipe) for galvanized and carbon steel pipes.

With its enhanced corrosion resistance, pipe made from Optiform has a C-factor 50% higher than traditional materials. Additionally, with reduced corrosion product in system lines, the propensity for sprinkler heads to clog with corrosion product are also dramatically reduced when Optiform is used.

The result is lowered fire suppression system install costs and the potential for reduced liabilities for insurers of buildings whose systems employ HydroLogic.